While the volume of logistics is increasing due to the expansion of online shopping, a new logistics system is needed. In addition, even in times of disaster, such as typhoons and earthquakes, the need for rapid and smooth logistics in emergencies is becoming increasingly important. Inter-island logistics, transporting goods to isolated disaster areas, transporting goods to mountainous construction sites, etc. We propose a new logistics system that utilizes the sky for quantity and quality.

Long Distance

We have already developed a long-distance logistics drone connecting 175 km in the Tokai area. The PDH-GS120 is a gasoline powered helicopter type drone with 10kg payload and 2 hours flight time capabilities. And the PD6B-Type2 can carry maximum payload of 30kg, which is useful for short-range logistics available. We will propose a drone system tailored to your needs based on our many years of experience.

In the High winds

Not only in times of disaster, but also during typhoons and other stormy weather, normal scheduled ferry service is not operative. The most of our drones are capable of flying in wet weather and in 20m/s winds, allowing you to transport goods in more extreme conditions.


We are developing our aircrafts with future plans for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) operations. Our system not only operates in the normal 2.4GHz band, but also utilize the best possible radio frequency conditions from the choice of the 920MHz band and LTE/5G, a three-wave radio. Those three-wave radios are automatically switched. (Video acquisition by 5G has been verified, 5G with drone control is under development)

High-performance GCS

Through an accumulation of experimental flight tests, we proudly introduce our new high-performance GCS equipped with various functions required in the field.
The PD-GCS promises simple, easy and safe operations.

Use Cases

Accomplished 1hour long auto flight operation over the sea.

Flights between remote islands

Medical supply delivery by drone with LTE network

Drone delivery with abandoned railway as drone airway.

AED delivery by drone with LTE network

Inventory management by drone with multiple lasers and chameleon barcodes reader