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PRODRONE the world's leading drone manufacturer will change the world.

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Masakazu Kono

Founder / CEO / President

Masakazu Kono

PRODRONE will become the world's number one industrial drone company with unrivaled technology and "JAPAN QUALITY".
Our vision is "Revolutionary Drones for Professionals", and we are always delivering revolutionary drones to the world.
We have developed a large drone equipped with two robotic arms, a L-shaped infrastructure inspection drone, and a gigantic drone for a famous amusement park that was impossible for other drone manufacturers around the world to develop.
PRODRONE manufactures and sells world-class industrial drones to drone service providers around the world, based on our top-class Japanese development experience. We offer a full range of industrial drones, from high quality, highly functional, highly stable basic platform drones, to full scratch development of prototypes that match your needs, to ODMs and mass production supply, to service application development.
PRODRONE will always provide professional support with "Japanese quality" so that you can focus on your own drone service business.

Kiyokazu Sugaki

Co-Founder / Executive Vice President

Kiyokazu Sugaki

With over 35 years of experience in the development of RC helicopters and drones, we will continue to create new drones that no one has been able to achieve yet.
My greatest pleasure as a developer is to be able to develop drones those were impossible at other companies, and to make our customers happy from the bottom of my heart.
We believe that in order for industrial drones to be prosperous in our society, no dextrous operators will be needed for drone operations. In order for this to happen, thorough safety measures are also essential.
Our goal is to create an era in which "drone robots with full autonomous flight capability will fly in the skies around the world".

Kazuo Ichihara

Co-Founder / Executive Vice President

Kazuo Ichihara

I've built a variety of systems with respect to devices, networks and services, ranging from hardware embedded devices to cloud services.
I would like to create a new world by applying this knowledge and experience to our drone systems and services.
The various drones that come from the flexible designs of our talented developers are a great strength of PRODRONE, but our goal is to make the system stronger and more attractive by adding various gadgets that can add value to the drones and subsystems that are more compatible with the user's systems.

Our Technologies

We are proud of being a top drone maker as the number of filed patent applications, and maintain the technical capabilities cultivated through many advanced experiments and field operations.
We build and sell high quality, highly functional, highly stable basic platform aircraft, and flexibly respond to the supply of ODMs and mass production through full scratch development to match the customer's business requirements.

IP Strategy

As a start-up in Japan, we are one of the leading drone manufacturers in terms of the number of patent applications filed, surpassing the major companies.
We have obtained a number of basic patents required for industrial drones, and we will ensure that our customers' business is realized in the drone market where various services will be launched in the future.

  • <Exp>
  • ・Biodetection system
  • ・underwater photography
  • ・Robotic arms

Proven track of field experiences with numerous flights

PRODRONE has been working with a wide variety of clients, including national and local government agencies, major corporations, and other organizations, to conduct high-level experimental test flights. Many of our customers have told us, "What was said to be difficult at other companies, became possible with PRODRONE!".

  • <Exp>
  • ・LTE/5G
  • ・Auto charging system
  • ・High altitude flights
  • ・new battery technologies

The PD & PDH series can cover all your industrial drone needs.

We offer a variety of platforms with the functions required in industrial drone applications, including our single helicopter for long-distance transport, a compact and lightweight four-rotors drone ideal for security and disaster prevention, and a six-rotor drone capable of carrying heavy objects such as a laser surveying instrument.

Tell us what you need, we will make it happen.

We have indoor flight facilities, and we provide smooth system integration development, from hardware and software production to flight feedback and assembly.

We can produce various designs from multi-rotor type to single helicopter type to meet the needs of your business.
With the scalability of on-board computer, we can meet the needs of various customers' business.
Flight test
Our staff who specialize in flight verification, such as those who have participated in the RC helicopter world championships, provide highly accurate feedback in aircraft development.
Skilled staff members with CAD and 3D printer are in charge of manufacturing and assembly.

Our Team

PRODRONE is one of the few companies in the world with a high level of technical expertise in both hardware (airframe) and software, and has introduced a number of innovative industrial drones since its establishment in 2015.

Company Info

Company Name
Prodrone Co., Ltd.
Prodrone Inc.
   *"PRODRONE" for general notation
Date of Incorporation
Prodrone Co., Ltd.: January 15, 2015
Prodrone Inc.: November 18, 2016
Prodrone Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Head Office, R&D Center
1-115 Nakahira, Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 468-0014 JAPAN
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TEL: (+81)-52-890-8800 . FAX: (+81)-52-890-8801
Email: info-jp@prodrone.com

Prodrone Inc. (USA)

Head Office
3350 Thomas Rd. Suite 150, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
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TEL: (+1)650-204-9885 . FAX: (+1)650-204-9889
Email: info@prodrone.com

Group Company
Avidrone Aerospace Inc.
Business Overview
Commercial use drone system research, development and manufacture
Commercial use drone system consulting
Commercial use drone related consignment development and ODM
Operator training
Preventative maintenance


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