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Introducing the PDH-GS120.
A single-rotor drone equipped with a newly developed 120cc electronically controlled engine and a helicopter-specific flight controller.

Offering 2.5 hours of flight time with 15kg (33lb) payload, high flight performance and wind resistance unique to single rotor drones.
The PDH-GS120 is ideal for transportation of goods between remote islands and isolated areas, wide area surveillance and pesticide spraying.

Optional Accessories

Zoom Camera

Optical and digital zoom camera to help identify objects from a distance

Infrared Camera

Zoom camera and IR images can be displayed simultaneously


Drone control over a wide area using the LTE radio network

LED Searchlight

LED searchlight is ideal for nighttime rescue operations

Redundancy Systems

Redundancy is ensured by using different frequency bands to control the aircraft at the same time


Multi functional PD-GCS can ease your flight missions

Excellent Flight Performance

With a large 8-liter fuel tank, 2.5 hours of flight time is achieved with a 15kg (33lb) load.
Auto-flight capability without compromising the high flying performance and wind resistance inherent in a single-rotor aircraft.
Ideal for transporting supplies between remote islands and isolated areas, longterm wide-area surveillance missions, and long-duration pesticide spraying.

High Wind Resistance

The PDH-GS120 can handle the regional differences in weather conditions in long-distance operations.
The PDH-GS120 show its strength in high wind conditions when transporting supplies and assessing damage and assessing the situation in the event of a disaster.

Versatile Payload Capability

The payload can be selected to fit your needs.
Logistics boxes, zoom gimbal cameras, binocular gimbal cameras (zoom camera + infrared camera), laser surveying instruments, etc. can be mounted in a variety of ways, along with your task.
(Pic ; Mounted a cargobox)

Flight Controller For Helicopter

Equipped with an original, dedicated flight controller that addresses the unique challenges of engine helicopters.
Combined high performance IMU, GPS and laser sensor for stable hovering.
Single copter, which requires more complex control than multicopters, provides automatic navigation, including takeoff and landing. In addition, its high maneuverability enables it to take off and land on a marine vessel.

Easy To Deploy

The size of the aircraft is easy to handle.
The rotor diameter is 2.2m(6.5ft, the rotor is detachable), and the weight is less than 20kg.
Two units can be loaded on a normal wagon for quick transport and deployment to the site of use.

Easy To Operate

Cell starter allows you to start the engine with a simple switch on hand.
Electronically controlled gasoline injection system (EFI) (under development) eliminates the need for skilled calibrator adjustment and ensures stable operation in harsh environments. Power from the generator (rated at 120W) covers the power needed for servos and avionics, eliminating the need to change batteries every time you fly and allowing for additional avionics.


The PD-GCS meets the demand for highly professional, advanced autoflight.
You can easily create a wide variety of automated flight plans for each use case and easily specify actions for each waypoint.
Also, emergency landing sites (Rally Points) can be set up in advance.


Newly Designed 120cc Gasoline Engine

A compact, lightweight, low-vibration, high-powered 2-stroke horizontally opposed 2-cylinder engine made in Japan.
It will be equipped with electronic fuel injection (EFI) which is less sensitive to outside air conditions such as atmospheric pressure and temperature (under

Maximum output: 7.4kw (10ps)
Fuel : Mixed gasoline
Engine start: Cell starter
Generator: rated 120W (200W max)

Lightweight and Simple
Gasoline Engine Air Cooling System

Operational status, including engine temperature, speed and power, can be checked on the ground during flight.
Developed an air-cooled engine with reduced weight for mounting on a drone.
Floating mount of engine reduces the impact of vibration on electronic components and structural fatigue without sacrificing maneuverability and attitude control performance.


19kg /41.9lb (without fuel)
Diameter of Propeller
Main Rotor : 2,204mm
Tail Rotor : 390mm
Flight Duration
Approx. 150 min
Max. Payload
15kg / 33lb
(MTOW: 35kg / 77.1lb)
Max Speed
100km/h / 62.1mph
(Cruising Speed : 70km/h / 43.5mph)
Wind Speed
Operational Range
Radio Control Range: 1km
Video Transmit Range: 1km
Data Transmit Range: 5km
LTE: LTE Coverage Area
(Comply with Japanese Regulation)
Front Camera
Gasoline: Max. 8 litters
3300mAhx1 for peripheral electronics
Flight Controller
Radio Controller
Communication Method
Radio Control: 2.4GHz
Video Transmit :5.8GHz
Data Transmit: 920Mhz
LTE Option available

Use Cases

Accomplished 1hour long auto flight operation over the sea.

Flights between remote islands

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