AED delivery by drone with LTE network

[Implementation date] August 2019.
[Place] Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture
Implemented by: Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Railroad, Central Japan Airlines, Prodrone, KDDI
In a scenario where a resident collapses and needs an AED, an unmanned aerial robot will be used to transport the AED.
Verify the effectiveness of the unmanned flying robots in transporting AEDs by comparing it with transporting AEDs by car or requesting an ambulance.
The automatic navigation system using LET communications is used, but as a safety measure, the unmanned flying robots are tracked by cars and other vehicles, and the system is switched to manual operation in case of emergency.
[Flight Route]
We transported AED equipment over 1.8 km (350 m above sea level) from Ushiokura to Terakino district, assuming a level 3 ´╝łthe line of sight flight) configuration.

Recent Use Cases

Search and Rescue mission at the scene of a water accident

Accomplished 1hour long auto flight operation over the sea.

Flights between remote islands