Specisal purpose filming

The places where drones can capture images are not only in the sky, but also in the water. The usages of drones in new applications are expanding. Surveying the condition of the sea floor, the growth of seaweed, or monitoring fish farm which was difficult to achieve before. We've also developed drones for special photography in environments where you can't see the sky, tunnels and indoors, and so on. Possibility is limitless.

Coral Monitoring

Resource observations of the sea have been difficult to carry out in the past due to the high cost of chartered ships and other equipment. Our water landing drone can land on the surface of the water, and a camera installed in the lower part of the drone made it possible to observe the growth of coral and seaweed or monitor fish in the fish farm in the water.

Aquaculture aquarium Monitoring

By flying a drone to a fish tank installed in a coastal area, it is now possible to monitor the health condition of the fish and water quality. The combination of sensors to monitor illegal access to fishponds makes it possible dispatch a drone to the scene automatically.

Non-GPS Environment

In a non-GPS environment such as tunnels, combined obstacle sensors enable our drone to fly autonomously and shoot precise images.

Use Cases

Coral monitoring by water surface landing drone