Accurate data collection and precise responses are needed for precision agriculture, such as field surveying, growth and moisture surveys, pesticide application management and yield forecasting.
The more accurate data you get from the sky, the more efficient for your smart farming.

Field Survey

Aerial surveying with drones is becoming more and more accessible. It's easy to track the growth and manage the condition of your fields.

Crop Sprayer

The SkymatiX X-F1 is specialized in crop spraying and granular spraying. It is waterproof and capable of spraying pesticides along with any terrains. Spraying on up and down hill can be done with a pre-defined autoflight plan.

Analyze Your Crops

Using it together with the farmland management application provided by SkymatiX, you can monitor the health of the crops and maximize the yield.

Yeild Management

Combining surveying with yield management apps and pesticide spraying will help you improve your productivity.