Level3 / BVLOS

Long-range flights are needed for various operations, such as logistics, wide-area surveillance, and search&rescue people in distress. The key to these operations is the control technology for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS).
Reliable communication technology and advanced sensing technology are needed to ensure safe and reliable operations in BVLOS.

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight)

We have already accumulated hundreds of BVLOS flights and developed with full safety measures, ensuring redundancy in radio frequency acquisition, battery redundancy and collision avoidance systems.

High-performance GCS for BVLOS

Each of the configurable fail-safe features includes a predetermined EP ( Emergency Point) and in some cases easy human intervention. This allows you to control drones safely and reliably.

Flight Status

Our GCS can display images from the drone's on-board camera along with various telemetry information. In addition to basic telemetry information such as current location, battery level, wind speed, altitude, etc., you can also customize the display setting.