Insfrastructure Inspection

Infrastructure inspection includes inspection of aging bridges, highway, buildings, dams, pylons, tunnels and other structures, is essential for safety. Infrastructure inspections with drones are not only cost-saving and quick, but also allow us to carry out inspections of large size structures which has never been done.

Cell Tower Inspection

Even in spaces with unstable radio reception, such as cell towers and power towers, we achieved stable flights at many those sites.
We offer a wide range of services, from taking inspection photos with a high definition camera that boasts 100 million pixels to inspection with 4K video. We can customize our whole inspecting solutions to suit your needs.

Power Line & Tower Inspection

The condition of insulators in the towers and the health of power lines can also be inspected by acquiring detailed images from the drone. In addition, AI driven image recognition technology can reduce the processing time of health status determinations.

Railroad Track Management

It is very important to monitor the condition of railroad tracks that support commutes every day. Inspections, which used to be carried out at night after operating hours, are now carried out by drones equipped with high-performance cameras. We are speeding up and reducing the cost of inspections.

Bridge and bridge column inspection

Drones can be substituted for costly scaffolding at bridge inspections where scaffolding is not merely possible to be built. We have achieved low cost and shortening of time by utilizing drones.

Use Cases

Wall maintenance by drone with paint roller