Wall maintenance by drone with paint roller

This is a special drone for liquid application on walls and ceilings, utilizing our research know-how on largeer drone, pesticide sprayers, and aircraft attached to walls and ceilings by negative pressure. 10-liter tanks are provided to improve the efficiency of application work at high places where scaffolding was previously required.
Multiple laser sensors are built into the front of the machine, and the machine is controlled so that it is always facing the target wall, preventing the machine from rotating near the wall. A pusher located under the propeller controls the airflow to assist in attitude control near the wall. It can also fly in a non-GPS environment.

■Experiment Details
This machine developed for the Shobond Construction Company is used to apply chemicals to prevent deterioration of concrete. Until now, applying anti-corrosion agent has been costly, time-consuming and risky due to high altitude work, including scaffolding, safety measures and labor cost for dangerous workers.
The PD8-PR (Paint Roller) is designed to achieve high efficiency with low cost and low risk by providing stable flight performance and high attitude control performance, which is characteristic of a large drone.

The application experiment cooperated with SHO-BOND Corporation
Applying liquid by the roller installed at the front
The pusher at the rear helps controlling the attitude

Recent Use Cases

Search and Rescue mission at the scene of a water accident

Accomplished 1hour long auto flight operation over the sea.

Flights between remote islands