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Extensive Surveillance (Search and Rescue) UAV

Industry: Search and Rescue
Purpose: Mountain Rescue

Place: Yamanashi
Date: October 2018
Type: PD-R01

This aircraft is capable of extensive search and rescue by 4G LTE’s mobile communication network, aimed at search and rescue such as mountain rescue, river search, and salvage.
The aircraft improves the speed and efficiency of search and rescue, utilized with location information notification, monitoring service, and high-definition weather forecasting system simultaneously. The increase of waterproof performance enables the flight under bad weather condition. There is also an option for installing a camera capable of the use in a fog or at night. These features make the aircraft helpful for search and rescue activity in any environment.

■Experiment Details
Prodrone has succeeded a demonstration experiment of drone mountain rescue system, aimed at rescuing a victim in climbing on Mt. Fuji, cooperating with KDDI Cooperation.

The demonstration experiment was conducted assuming the situation as follows;
A climber is missed at around the fifth station.
The family of the climber notices the distress and determines his/her location by GPS.
After checking the condition of the weather of the distress location and confirming that there are no issues, fly the drone to rescue him/her.

In order to be capable of flying at 5000m above sea level, the rotation frequency of the propellers is increased, which enables mountain rescue under strong winds up to 18m/s. In addition, infrared ray and ultra-sensitive camera are installed to enable mountain rescue at night or under poor visibility. It’s designed foldable and compact in order to make it easier to be carried in the mountainous area.

This aircraft is planned to be used in real operation of mountain rescue system in 2019.

The demonstration experiment on Mt. Fuji
Comparison between the images of normal camera and infrared camera
The demonstration experiment on Mt. Fuji

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