Search & Rescue drone system at Mt. Fuji

We have conducted a demonstration test of a drone system capable of wide-area search on a 4GLTE mobile network for the purpose of mountain rescue, river search and sea rescue.
The system simultaneously utilizes location-based notifications, monitoring services, and a high-definition weather forecasting system to quickly find and streamline the search for people in distress in the mountains. The aircraft is designed to be waterproof to enable it to fly even in adverse weather conditions, and has a camera option for use in foggy conditions and at night, making it useful for rescue operations in any environment.

This pilot test of the drone mountain rescue support system was conducted jointly with KDDI Corporation for the purpose of rescuing people in distress while climbing Mount Fuji.

 In the demonstration test, a family member of a climber is assumed to have been in distress at the fifth station, and the family member of the climber notices the situation and identifies the location using GPS. After confirming the weather conditions in the vicinity of the scene, if there is no problem, the drone will go to the rescue.
 One of the features of the aircraft is that it has a large propeller with a high rotation speed so that it can fly at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level, allowing it to perform search operations in strong winds of up to 18 meters. It is equipped with an infrared and ultra-sensitive camera for nighttime searches and poor visibility, and has a compact, foldable design that allows it to be carried around in mountainous areas.
The system is scheduled to be operational as a mountain rescue system by the end of 2019.

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