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Save as many lives as possible

When a disaster strikes, what is needed is a quick rescue machine.
SUKUU is operated by an operator in cooperation with local authorities and firefighters to rush the SUKUU to the scene of the disaster and evacuate the victims to a safe zone.
The aircraft's on-board monitor enables constant communication with the operator, providing a sense of security as it moves through the area.


Distance between motors
2000mm / 78.74 inches
2400mm / 94.48 inches
100kg/ 220lb (Excluding passengers)
Diameter of Propeller
1000mm / 393.7 inches
Flight Duration(Up to a blinking LED warning of low level)
6min (15min Production Model)
Max. Payload
80kg / 176.3lb (130kg Production Model)
Max Speed
40km/h / 24.9mph
Wind Speed
4m/s / 2.5mph