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Intelligent Medium-Sized 8 Rotors Drone with High Functionality, Portability and High Flying Performance.

With a parallax camera for forward collision prevention and a variety of sensors combined with a companion computer makes the PD8X an unrivaled high performance drone.
The newly-designed PRODRONE GCS (PD-GCS) with a wide range of expandability allows for easy execution of even the most precise automated flights.
You can be amazed by the freedom of mission-specific payload selection.
The PD8X is equipped with a foldable, dual-reversible rotor arm, which makes it extremely compact at only 50 cm square, yet allows for rapid redeployment.


Water Resistance

IP performance for reliable flight in wet weather

Object Detection

Parallax camera for object detection

Retractable Airframe

Compact design for increased mobility in the field

Hot-Swappable Battery

Battery can be replaced while maintaining power.

Original FC

Proprietary Flight Controller (FC) satisfys your all flight missions

Optional Accessories

Zoom Camera

Optical and digital zoom camera to help identify objects from a distance

Infrared Camera

Zoom camera and IR images can be displayed simultaneously


Drone control over a wide area using the LTE radio network

LED Searchlight

LED searchlight is ideal for nighttime rescue operations

Redundancy Systems

Redundancy is ensured by using different frequency bands to control the aircraft at the same time


Multi functional PD-GCS can ease your flight missions

Intelligent Functions

A high performance companion computer is equipped as standard for missions that require advanced autonomous control.
Drone control and video distribution via LTE are possible, allowing for future operations and functional expansion.
Collision avoidance based on the image analysis of the forward stereo camera.

Versatile Payload Capability

Depending on the task required of the drone, the payload can be selected.
A zoom camera, zoom camera + LWIR camera, etc. can be interchangeably attached to a gimbal for a wide range of use cases. Optional features such as a laser surveying system and a loudspeaker are also available.

Compact Design

The dimensions of the propeller arm when folded down are less than 50cm. The propeller arm can be deployed and retracted with a simple four-point locking lever operation.
Hot-swappable batteries can be replaced while the power is still on, so long transmissions can continue with minimal battery replacement time.

Retractable Propeller Guard

Propeller guards come as a standard feature to ensure safe flight. The propeller guards are retractable, so you can start flying safely right away, even in the field where time is critical.


The aircraft is operated with two battery systems in parallel, so that even if a single battery fails, the aircraft can be returned to the designated area.
In addition, the eight propellers make it possible to fly even if a motor or propeller fails.


The PD-GCS meets the demand for highly professional, advanced auto- flight.
You can easily create a wide variety of automated flight plans for each use case and easily specify actions for each waypoint such as changing shooting parameters (Fstop, ISO, WB), PTZ, shutter control, etc.
Also, emergency landing sites (Rally Points) can be set up in advance.



Sizes when folded
Distance between motors
18.5kg / 40.8lb
※includes 4 batteries
Diameter of Propeller
Flight Duration(Up to a blinking LED warning of low level)
25 min(without payload)
15 min(with 8Kg payload)
Max. Payload
8kg /17.6lb
Max Speed
60km/h / 37mph
Wind Speed
12 m/s
Operational Range
Radio Control Range: 1km
Video Transmit Range: 1km
Data Transmit Range: 5km
LTE: LTE Coverage Area
(Comply with Japanese Regulation)
Front Camera
Stereo Camera
Water Resistance
Hot Swappable
Intelligent Batteries
Flight Controller
Radio Controller
Communication Method
Radio Control: 2.4GHz
Video Transmit :5.8GHz
Data Transmit: 920Mhz
LTE Option available

Use Cases

Conducted a security experiment with multiple units at Saitama Stadium

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