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PD6B-Type II

“PD6B-Type II” is a large platform machine equipped with geofence system, PSU (Prodrone Safety Unit), as a standard.

When deviating from the geofence, PSU is possible to self-activate the parachute to make it safely. PD6B-Type II comes with maximum (66.1 lb) payload in a compact design that make it easy to carry and deliver.

"PD6B-Type II" adopts a layout in which the propeller does not wrap when spreading by reversing the mounting direction of the adjacent motor. As a result, the distance between the shafts is shorter than the previous large-sized 6 rotor machine, and space saving has been realized with the thrust performance intact.

The PD6B-Type II features easy interchangeable battery packs which you can locate anywhere around the body to adapt to your required tasks.

Thanks for PD6B-Type II's carrying capability, its smooth flight of PD6B-Type II makes it possible to acquire survey data by Riegle laser with highest precision. If you are looking for a drone with capability of carrying big laser sensors, a cinema camera, electric winch, or delivery box, you name it. The PD6B-Type II is the best choice.


Distance Between Motors
1,348 mm / 53.1 inch
Overall Height
550 mm / 21.7 inch
11.5 kg / 25.4 lb
Diameter of Propeller
712.5 mm / 28.1 inch
Flight Duration
10-30 min
Maximum Payload
30 kg / 66.1 lb
Maximum Speed
60 km/h / 37.3 mph
Maximum Wind Speed
for Flying
10m/s / 22.4 mph
Power Source
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