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Flying Robot "DRORIA"

Up to now the industrial and commercial drone market has focused on using drones for photography and filming, mapping, surveying, spraying pesticides, etc., but there is increasingly strong demand for drones to be able to directly perform specific “hands-on” operations.
Examples of these operations include the abilities to grasp and carry differently shaped cargo using its arms; to attach or join things; to cut cables; to turn dials; to flick switches; to drop lifesaving buoys; to retrieve hazardous materials, etc. Drones must be able to perform a variety of operations at high altitudes, over long distances, and in places where it would be too dangerous for humans.


Distance between motors
1,620 mm / 63.8 inch
800 mm / 31.5 inch
18.8 kg / 44.1 lb
Diameter of Propeller
685.8 mm / 27 inch
Flight Duration(Up to a blinking LED warning of low level)
10 - 20 min
Max. Payload
20 kg / 44.1 lb
Max Speed
60 km/h / 37.3 mph
Wind Speed
8 m/s / 17.9 mph
Water Resistance
All-weather type
16000mA x 2