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  • - At the top of our business philosophy is for Prodrone to become a company who is indispensable to other companies.
  • - Through our products and services, we aim to establish the world where humans and drones work together in a sustainable way.
  • - With our technologies, to make customers happy, human society prosperous, and to support people.
  • - We keep producing excitements and satisfactions to society.
  • - PRODRONE stands for our customers, shareholders, employee’s and their families, to make all who are related to us prosperous.


“Revolutionary Drones for Professionals” is our vision. We create services and revolutionary drones with our superior technology and unrivaled technical expertise in the commercial drone industry.
Our goal is to become the # 1 drone system manufacturer in the commercial drone field, and for our products to change the world.

Business Guide

We manufacture and provide the world's top industrial drone for UAV service providers around the world. Reliable, Functional, and Safe: You can fulfill your request with fully customizable UAV such as ODM or mass-production supply by fully custom engineered development specific to the customers’ requirements. PRODRONE will always offer you the "Japan Quality" products for your UAV service.

Exploration and Consultation

Upon agreement of an NDA, a meeting will be held to discuss the details of your intended use. We will then conduct an exploratory inquiry to determine how to fulfill your requests.

Development Planning & Production / ODM Consignment

We can also respond to requests for tailor-made, fully customizable airframes from ground up that will meet your requirements, other than PRODRONE airframes.
We can handle the entire design process to manufacture an airframe that includes all of your necessary requirements, whether it be installation of professional-grade stabilizers, payload configuration, or flight time configuration. We will also suggest a controller that best suits your needs.

Operational Safety Training

At PRODRONE, we also provide knowledge base and trainings about the operation of drones, from safety, technical skills, to related laws and regulations to make sure all customers will feel confident as an industrial drone operators. All of our training provided is in compliance to the current regulations and laws.

Repair & Maintenance

To prevent accidents, we will provide the necessary know-how to conduct daily inspections (pre-flight inspections), as well as periodic maintenance service (monthly, yearly, overhaul, and inspection after set flight time).

Meet Our Team

CEO/ President/ Founder
Prodrone Co., Ltd.
Prodrone Inc.
Masakazu Kono

Aiming to be the top commercial drone manufacturer in the world with "JAPAN QUALITY" and our unrivaled technical expertise.

"Revolutionary Drones for Professionals" is our corporate vision at PRODRONE. We will always stand at the forefront, creating revolutionary drones for the world. The commercial drones we produce have come by development requests from top companies, or industrial drone service providers who have turned to us for specialized and intricate projects that other drone manufacturers said would be impossible.

For example; a large drone equipped with two fully-articulated robot arms, an inflatable inspection drone utilizing negative pressure for “wall Climbing” abilities, “ANYDRONE” which allows you to turn your payload into a drone, rather than loading what you would like to carry into the drone, and a giant doll drone at the one of the global amusement park. We develop those extraordinary drones that other companies believed were impossible to create.

We manufacture and provide the world's top industrial drone for UAV service providers around the world. Reliable, Functional, and Safe: You can fulfill your request with fully customizable UAV such as ODM or mass-production supply by fully custom engineered development specific to the customers’ requirements. PRODRONE will always offer you the "Japan Quality" products for your UAV service.

Executive Vice President/ Co-Founder/ CTO
Prodrone Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President/ CTO
Prodrone Inc.
Kiyokazu Sugaki

My experience in the industry of RC helicopters and multicopters spans more than three decades, with more than 50 patents filed. I endeavor to design unrivaled drones with my past experience not only for Japan but also the world.

As an engineer, it is the greatest joy to feel and see how our clients are satisfied with our drones. I believe we need to create drones with simple and easy operation by utilizing autopilot system. Of course, safety measurement is always top priority. I make an effort at developing drones, aiming for the world that autonomous drones fly in the sky all over the world.

Executive Vice President
Prodrone Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President
Prodrone Inc.
Shoji Kuyama

Once our skilled engineers produce our products, my mission is to get the world’s attention and create a prosperous market for our products. My goal is to continue to increase the world famous PRODRONE name to be the #1 brand for commercial drones around the world.

To continuously expand the our market for our drones, which our engineers have produced with unrivaled stability and advanced software, not only in Japan, but also in the world, we have expanded Prodrone by establishing PRODRONE Inc., in Silicon Valley in CA at the end of 2016.

President/ CEO
Prodrone Inc.
Len Sabato

Through strategic planning with Chairman Kono and other Prodrone staff who I have made successful business with for more than 20 years, we will build Prodrone Inc. business in the US with a strong base for long term success. While it is true Prodrone Inc. is a relatively new company, our long term internal relationships with Prodrone JP and Avidrone staff, we have the unique ability to function at a very high level of performance.

Market research, targeted product development, and outstanding partnerships with our customers will be the key to our establishing a strong business for Prodrone in the Americas and beyond.

I am extremely excited to bring my 30+ years of experience from the Radio Control industry as a manager, business developer, and pioneer UAV pilot to the Prodrone Inc. team.

The UAV industry is amidst an exciting time, with unmatched growth and possibilities, and I believe that Prodrone Inc. with our Japan based design and manufacturing capabilities is strategically positioned to provide our customers with an unmatched level of product quality, innovation, and customer support.

VP Sales and Marketing
Prodrone Inc.
Yoshi Shiomi

Having developed virtually every type of drone, custom engineered to our clients’ requests, we are capable of producing for your business. I believe that Prodrone Inc., is strategically positioned to establish strong business in the US and other areas in the world.

“You create a service and application, we create professional drones for you”

Company Info

Company Name
Prodrone Co., Ltd.
Prodrone Inc.
   *"PRODRONE" for general notation
Date of Incorporation
Prodrone Co., Ltd.: January 15, 2015
Prodrone Inc.: November 18, 2016
Prodrone Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Head Office
16F Bantane Sakae Bldg. 2-4 Shinsakae-machi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0004, JAPAN

Prodrone Inc. (USA)

Head Office
1350 Pear Avenue, Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
TEL: (+1)650-204-9885 . FAX: (+1)650-204-9889

Group Company
Avidrone Aerospace Inc.
Business Overview
Commercial use drone system research, development and manufacture
Commercial use drone system consulting
Commercial use drone related consignment development and ODM
Operator training
Preventative maintenance


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