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PD8-PR(Paint Roller)

Industry: Construction
Purpose: Wall Paint

Place: Nagoya
Date: February 2019
Type: PD8-PR


This aircraft is capable of liquid application to wall and ceiling surfaces, using the experience of developing our products in the past such as large developmental aircraft, crop spraying aircraft, and aircraft which firmly connects with and navigates on ceilings, walls, and other surfaces utilizing ducted fan technologies. The 10-liter large tank is installed, and the aircraft will streamline the application performed in high places which normally requires scaffold.
At the front of the aircraft more than one laser sensor is installed, so that the aircraft is controlled to constantly face a target wall. This prevents the aircraft from rotating near the wall. In addition, the pusher installed below the propellers controls the air flow, which helps attitude control near the wall. It can also operate outside of GPS aria.

■Experiment Details
This aircraft developed for SHO-BOND Corporation is used for the application of chemicals to prevent concrete deterioration of constructions.
The application work for degradation preventive agent at high places requires a lot of cost and time for such as setting up a scaffold, safety measures, and labor. It is very risky at the same time.
PD8-PR (Paint Roller) can provide stable flight performance and high attitude control performance and is intended to perform the operation with high efficiency as well as at low cost and with a low risk.

The application experiment cooperated with SHO-BOND Corporation
Applying liquid by the roller installed at the front
The pusher at the rear helps controlling the attitude

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