Exhibited in the InterDrone 2017

September 14, 2017
Event Report

We showcased our products in the InterDrone 2017, held from September 6 to 8 in Las Vegas, USA.

We held a technical exhibition unveiling our latest cutting edge commercial drones like PD4-AW-S (Tunnel Inspection Drone), SMX X-F1 (SkymatiX X-F1 for their business in agriculture, and supplies X-F1 as an ODM product), PD8-AW-HR (Hi-Res Surveyor Drone), PD8-AW-HS (Night Surveyor Drone), and PDH-03 (“Speed Delivery” Helicopter).

■InterDrone 2017:
Venue: Rio Hotel (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
Date: September 6th to 8th, 2017
Official Site: http://www.interdrone.com/

PRODRONE Products:https://www.prodrone.com/en/products/

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