PRODRONE and GRAD, a US start-up company, launched collaborative development for graffiti removal drone. Young entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley won the competition with PRODONE’s drone

October 5, 2017

PRODRONE Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that its US subsidiary company, Prodrone Inc. will develop the Graffiti Removal Drone with collaboration of a California based start-up company, GRAD. PRODRONE will work on the collaborative development in Japan. The operation in practice is scheduled to start in 2018.

Graffiti on the freeways, elevated highways and bridge columns has been a long time challenge for San Jose City and Caltrans, California Department of Transportation who have spent enormous amount in removing the graffiti. San Jose City has launched the “Unleash Your Greek” Initiative and held a completion to find an innovative solution for graffiti removal with a collaboration of “Innovate Your State”, an NPO who is trying to improve government mission by new technology.

Christopher Farmer and Candace Marbury of GRAD won the contest among 140 companies. GRAD’s innovative solution is to develop the PD6-CI-L, a self-propelling surface-clinging drone, able to remove the graffiti.
Sam Liccardo, who is a San Jose Mayor and a presenter of Unleash Your Greek, commented that he had a high expectation for the graffiti removal drone to improve the traffic regulations that are carried out for the graffiti removal and reduce the current $60,000 clean-up cost.

Mayor of San Jose City, Sam Licado
Christopher Farmer(Left)
PD6-CI-L movie presentation

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