PRODRONE Develops the “Speed Delivery”

September 7, 2017
Press Release

PRODRONE is proud to announce it has developed PDH-03, the single rotor helicopter, can fly on autopilot at speeds greater than 200km/h. PRODRONE showcases the new model at its booth at InterDrone 2017, to be held September 6-8, 2017 in Las Vegas

The PDH-03 is an electric-powered single-rotor drone that can fly on autopilot at speeds greater than 200 km/h. PRODRONE independently developed its own autopilot system, the PD-FC2, to not only fly at great speeds, but to do so with superior reliability and safety. This means that accurate, highly-skilled techniques are no longer required to control the drone, enabling anybody to perform such an operation.

The advanced PD-FC2 autopilot system not only enables automatic takeoff and landing, which has long been regarded as a difficult task for single-rotor machines, but it can also make quick maneuveurs while maintaining its high speed. It is also possible to use the drone to transmit and receive secure concealed data.

If you require speed and efficiency, the PDH-03 is the perfect platform.

With our high-speed drone that can be operated by anyone with ease, PRODRONE provides the world with another new solution.

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PDH-03 Specifications (Provisional)

Distance Between Motors: N/A
Overall Height: 15 inch
Weight: 204.5 oz
Diameter of Propeller: 66.5 inch
Flight Duration: 15 min
Maximum Payload: N/A
Maximum Speed: 130.5 mph
Power Source: 5000mA*2

*Model Number and Specifications are subject to change without notice.


PRODRONE, a B2B company, aspires to be the world’s top manufacturer of industrial drone system. PRODRONE provides its customers seeking industrial drones with a complete one-stop service and supply of industrial drones including investigation and consulting, development design, demanding control software, customized service application, and manufacturing mass-production.

“Innovative, commercial grade platforms, custom engineered for your specific tasks and applications “ is the vision at PRODRONE. PRODRONE is developing and manufacturing revolutionary drones for the world with PRODRONE core technologies.
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About PRODRONE Booth

Event Name: InterDrone 2017
Event Period: September 6th -8th, 2017
Venue: Rio hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Location of PRODRONE booth: No.601
Official Website :

About InterDrone 2017

InterDrone is where the UAV industry comes together, bringing drone pilots, UAS engineers and developers, commercial drone service businesses, UAV manufacturers, drone videographers and enterprise UAV end-users.
A 3-day UAV conference and expo hall filled with more than 185 unmanned system manufacturers and sellers. The full commercial drone conference features more than 120 panels, sessions, classes and drone workshops where you can learn everything from how to get your Part 107 Pilot’s license to how to use UAVs for agriculture, construction, infrastructure inspection or aerial photography.


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