PRODRONE Set Up a New R&D Center in Fukushima Robot Test Field

September 18, 2019
Laboratory Bldg. of the Fukushima Robot Test Field

Prodrone Co., Ltd. has announced that it sets up the R&D center in Fukushima Robot Test Field (RTF) on September 3. We will make use of the facility to conduct experimental research with the aim of achieving commercialization of passenger drones or long-distance delivery drones.

The RTF has the Japan’s largest flight area (13- kilometer (8 miles) sea and land course) and runway, thus it enables us to simulate actual operating environment and condition. We plan to conduct flight tests for our new models, perform long-distance and long-term durability test, and perform BVLOS flight tests.

We will strive to promptly implement commercialization of long-distance delivery drones and passenger drones by collecting data necessary for actual operation here at the RTF.

Fukushima Robot Test Field
A View of Fukushima Robot Test Field from the R&D Center

■About Fukushima Robot Test Field:

Fukushima RTF is the Japan’s largest R&D base, mainly targeting onshore, undersea and aerial field robots (e.g., drones used for distribution, infrastructure inspection, and disaster response and other purposes). Researchers are able to conduct R&D, demonstration tests, performance assessments and pilot training in simulated environments at the RTF that are very similar to environments in which drones are actually utilized.

The RTF with the area of approx. 50 hectares has various test areas such as UAV area, Infrastructure Inspection & Disaster Response Area, Water & Underwater Robot Area, and R&D Base. All facilities will be opened on end of fiscal year 2019.

Official Website: (only Japanese)

■PRODRONE R&D Center (in Fukushima Robot Test Field)

Fukushima Robot Test Field Laboratory Building
83 Shin-Akanuma, Kaibama, Haramachi-ku, Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima Prefecture 9750036 JAPAN

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