Underwater Research Becomes Easier Than Ever by the PD4-AW-AQ, A Water Landing Drone

May 18, 2021
Press Release

PRODRONE Co., Ltd. (“PRODRONE”) is pleased to announce PRODRONE and Aomori Industry Technology Center (“AITC”) have started the evaluation tests of the PD4-AW-AQ, a water-landing drone, for the applied research into the underwater environments.

AITC has developed a “Suspension Device” which will be able to hang a small thermometer or a camera for observing deeper fishing grounds. This device will enable us to acquire dynamic data and optimize underwater research for fisheries.

The PD4-AW-AQ with the Suspension Device with a camera will make it possible for us to conduct more agile and convenient surveys of sea desertification, seaweed distribution and more.

Through this experimental demonstration, Fisheries Research Institute of AITC will verify the operation of the Suspension Device and the data of the underwater footages. Inland Water Research Institute of AITC will verify the operation of the device in the lake environment surveys and the data of the water temperature and the salinity. Hachinohe Industry Research Institute of AITC will develop the Suspension Device.

PRODRONE provides the PD4-AW-AQ with the installation of the Suspension Device and the support for its operation. The PD4-AW-AQ does not always require a manual operation by the radio controller. With just a few clicks on our newly developed system called Tap Flight, the drone can fly to pre-designated destination, land on the water, take off, and return.

Through the experimental demonstration, we have already obtained the underwater images of the eelgrass and the honewort which were taken from the camera installed on the PD4-AW-AQ. Our next step is to install the aircraft with the Suspension Device which has a hanging camera with a small water thermometer and examine the data acquired from the devices.

test flight of PD4-AW-AQ
PD4-AW-AQ landing on water
Sargassum fulvellum photographed by PD4-AW-AQ
Zostera marina photographed by PD4-AW-AQ


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 Hachinohe Industry Research Institute   0178-21-2100

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