PRODRONE Develop the SkymatiX X-F1 for their business in agriculture, and supplies X-F1 as an ODM product.

September 7, 2017
Press Release

PRODRONE is proud to announce it has developed the SkymatiX X-F1 as an ODM product, a mountain orchard aerial spraying drone. PRODRONE showcases the new model at its booth at InterDrone 2017, to be held September 6-8, 2017 in Las Vegas.

The SMX X-F1 is an aerial spraying drone created especially for crops that grow in steep slope regions. We developed the X-F1 for SkymatiX, Inc., and produce it at PRODRONE as one of our ODM models. The large-platform eight-rotor drone provides excellent stability during flight, and comes equipped with a 10 L tank.

Our newly-developed 3D auto-pilot system “PD-FC1” adds the parameter of height to its calculations, enabling the drone to work even on orchards in mountainous regions. Able to spray with pin-point precision, it saves time and supplies, realizing the most efficient of aerial sprays.

Easy operation is guaranteed even for people not familiar with drones: It’s simple to enter a flight course on a tablet. Fewer people are required to operate our smart and simple solution. The X-F1 is also an all-weather drone. This means day-to-day maintenance is also easy because you can simply wash the entire machine.

PRODRONE will increase productivity and create more agricultural possibilities
in mountainous regions throughout the world.

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SkymatiX X-F1 Specifications (Provisional)

Distance Between Motors: 60.4 inch
Overall Height: 26 inch
Weight: 465.6 oz
Diameter of Propeller: 21.4 inch
Flight Duration: 13-25 min
Maximum Payload: 705.5 oz
Maximum Speed: 37.3 mph
Maximum Wind Speed for Flying: 17.9mph
Water Resistance: All-weather type
Power Source: 16000mA*2

*Model Number and Specifications are subject to change without notice.


PRODRONE, a B2B company, aspires to be the world’s top manufacturer of industrial drone system. PRODRONE provides its customers seeking industrial drones with a complete one-stop service and supply of industrial drones including investigation and consulting, development design, demanding control software, customized service application, and manufacturing mass-production.

“Innovative, commercial grade platforms, custom engineered for your specific tasks and applications “ is the vision at PRODRONE. PRODRONE is developing and manufacturing revolutionary drones for the world with PRODRONE core technologies.
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About PRODRONE Booth

Event Name: InterDrone 2017
Event Period: September 6th -8th, 2017
Venue: Rio hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Location of PRODRONE booth: No.601
Official Website :

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