PRODRONE Unveils the Hi-Res Surveyor Drone

September 7, 2017
Press Release

Nagoya-JAPAN, September 6, 2017- PRODRONE is pleased to announce it has developed the PD8-AW-HR, a surveyor drone equipped with high-Res Camera. PRODRONE showcases the new model at its booth at InterDrone 2017, to be held September 6-8, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Fitted with an ultra-high resolution camera, the Canon PD8-AW-HR sends back clear images to the operator live. This means dangerous tasks, such as the inspection of high-voltage power lines, can now be done with ease.

Such inspections were once expensive operations. Helicopters were required to get an eye-level view, or workers had to actually climb up. Our drones not only complete the task with increased safety, but they also provide a reduction in operating costs.

The PD8-AW-HR can fly along a predetermined course automatically.With superior image recognition technology, it can also move in a vertically curved flight path, maintaining a parallel position with electric wires as they sink and rise between towers. This ensures that every inch of the wires are monitored with precision.

Of course, not only does the drone provide high-resolution images, but it also records the exact position they are taken, enabling any points requiring maintenance to be located afterwards with ease.
PRODRONE helps to create a safe and cozy environment in which to work, while also providing logistic support to the lives of many people.

Actual Photo

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PD8-AW-HR Specifications (Provisional)

Distance Between Motors: 60.4 inch
Overall Height: 35.4 inch
Weight: 465.6 oz(w/Battery, Gimbal, Camera, Lends)
Diameter of Propeller: 21.4 inch
Flight Duration: 20 min
Maximum Payload: 705.5 oz
Maximum Speed: 43.5 mph
Maximum Wind Speed for Flying: 17.9mph
Water Resistance: All-weather type
Power Source: 16000mA*2
Camera: Canon 5DS-EF200mm Lends

*Model Number and Specifications are subject to change without notice.


PRODRONE, a B2B company, aspires to be the world’s top manufacturer of industrial drone system. PRODRONE provides its customers seeking industrial drones with a complete one-stop service and supply of industrial drones including investigation and consulting, development design, demanding control software, customized service application, and manufacturing mass-production.

“Innovative, commercial grade platforms, custom engineered for your specific tasks and applications “ is the vision at PRODRONE. PRODRONE is developing and manufacturing revolutionary drones for the world with PRODRONE core technologies.
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About PRODRONE Booth

Event Name: InterDrone 2017
Event Period: September 6th -8th, 2017
Venue: Rio hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Location of PRODRONE booth: No.601
Official Website :

About InterDrone 2017

InterDrone is where the UAV industry comes together, bringing drone pilots, UAS engineers and developers, commercial drone service businesses, UAV manufacturers, drone videographers and enterprise UAV end-users.
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