Safety and Reliability

Safety System

Industrial drones require a high level of safety, and PRODRONE uses a variety of mechanisms to mitigate risk.

Fault Tolerant Our drones are configured with parallel batteries, so that they can continue to fly even if one of the systems is malfunctioning.
The PD4-XA1 and PD8X are equipped with hot-swappable batteries, allowing for quick re-launch to the mission while the system is in operation.
The power supply to flight controller is multiplexed to ensure that the aircraft does not lose control in the event of a malfunction in the payload or other power sources.
The aircraft can be controlled by 920MHz or LTE other than 2.4 GHz band as an option.
Fail Safe The PD-GCS can be used to specify fail-safe actions in the event of GPS disruptions, radio link disruptions, and voltage drops. It is also possible to specify a nearby arbitrary return point instead of a take-off point.

Forward surveillance camera

The PD4-XA1 and PD8X are equipped with a forward surveillance camera as standard equipment, which is essential for BVLOS flight (other models are also available as options). The PD4-XA1 and PD8X are also equipped with an anti-collision function that can detect obstacles and automatically stop to hover.

Customizable Sensors

We can add and customize various sensors to fit your needs including software developments as an option, Sensors are as follows; laser rangefinder, millimeter wave radar, barometric altimeter, etc.

Semi-Intelligent Battery

The PD4-XA1, PD8X, and (PD6B-Type2 is also available as an option) are equipped with semi-intelligent batteries to prevent overvoltage, overcharge, and ignition due to self-discharge when left fully charged.


The PD8X, PD6B-Type2 and PD4-XA1 can fly in a high wind speed of 20m/s. Safety and Reliability