All aerosports, including airplane, are carried out based on the competition rules by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). PDH-02C was specially developed as an aircraft for the competition of the highest peak of the RC helicopter "FAI / F3C RC helicopter". In order to reduce the weight to the utmost limit as a competition exclusive use machine, the main frame made a carbon monocoque structure by adhesion without using screws. Moreover, by adopting the design philosophy that takes into the low rotation and compact performance which is the flight style of recent years, PDH-02C has become a highly potential aircraft. You will surely be satisfied not only with F3C competitors but also with a wide range of advanced senior flyers.

Perfect Carbon Airframe

By adopting the bonding method without using bolts to assemble the carbon frame, it is finished in a lightweight and torsion-proof airframe. This bonding method utilizes the technology that PRODRONE has cultivated in drone development, and has retained many achievements. Since it sells in the finished (bonded) state, troublesome bonding work is unnecessary.

Functional and Lightweight Structure

Battery loading layout is a straight type that improves maneuverability by bringing the center of gravity position closer to the rotor surface and also makes it easy to adjust the longitudinal center of gravity. Battery replacement can also be detached with a lock mechanism with one touch. The direct tail drive system which improved the weight and the tail control performance dramatically improved the tail holding performance by driving the tail rotor from the large pulley installed in the main mast. Drive parts such as counter gears are also fewer, which realized improved durability and lighter weight.

Easy Maintenance Airframe

The rotor head pursues ease of maintenance with a simple structure. By lowering the height of the center hub, it leads to lower the center of gravity. The simple and lightweight tail case adopted a compact design so that it can be disassembled by detaching the minimum parts even when desorbing the rear body. The tail pitch control lever adopts a large-sized bearing, and it is designed to be free from backlash.

Smooth flight with compact body

In recent years, not only the accuracy of the performance, but also the overall atmosphere of flight attitude, sound, and constant velocity have become more important for the F3C competitions.
The weight of PDH-02C can be finished in 5.5-5.7kg range.
Please feel the low noise flight by reducing the weight.

※This airframe is a mechanism frame kit.
Body, main rotor, tail rotor, motor, ESC and radio control equipment are not included.

The F3C World Champion, Hiroki Ito is using PDH-02C!

Hiroki Ito (TKK Works) won the 2019 FAI F3CN World Championships, the world's premier RC helicopter championships, flying the PDH-02C.
Hiroki Ito said,
"At this competition, I was able to make uncompromising adjustments to the PDH-02C without making any changes to its specifications.
The PDH-02C has a good total balance of performance and quietness, so I was able to fly it consistently even in bad weather conditions such as strong winds and crosswinds. "


Full Length
Overall Height
Overall Width
Diameter of Main Rotor
Gear Ration
Power Source
Recommend 6S5000~5800mAh( x2) 
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