PRODRONE was awarded the FY2020 “Intellectual Property Achievement Awards”

June 8, 2020

6/5/2020, Aichi, Japan,-PRODRONE Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Masakazu Kono, hereinafter referred to as PRODRONE), a leading drone system solution company, today announced that it was awarded “Award for Excellent Corporation Utilizing the Intellectual Property Rights System in 2020” from Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) chose individuals and corporations for the FY2020 “Intellectual Property Achievement Awards” to honor their contributions to the development and dissemination of the intellectual property rights system in Japan as well as to awareness-raising activities thereof.

Mr. Masakazu Kono, CEO of PRODRONE said,

“We are honored to receive “Award for Excellent Corporation Utilizing the Intellectual Property Rights System in 2020” from Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office. In order for a hardware venture like ours to compete with our global rivals, it is essential for us to acquire basic patents and other intellectual properties. We are proud to say that we are the most proactive company in the domestic drone industry in terms of intellectual property activities since 2015, our first year of establishment and the first year of industrial drones. Encouraged by this award, we will create more intellectual properties and use them to create globally competitive products and services, and continue to aim to “become a company that is absolutely indispensable to society”, as stated in the first part of our management philosophy.”

The patent strategy at PRODRONE
PRODRONE considers patents to be useful tools in its management strategy and has been actively engaged in its intellectual property activities since its establishment. In the rapidly changing field of industrial drones, a general intellectual property strategy will not work, and we need to be more flexible and responsive to any situation. Therefore, PRODRONE has a direct line of command and control over IP activities under the president, and a system is in place to ensure that the patent portfolio is built in an appropriate manner while remaining dynamic and flexible.

The company has acquired patents and trademarks in the U.S., China, Australia, and other countries to prevent other companies from free riding and damaging its brand value in advance of its overseas expansion. PRODRONE has developed a unique patent application process that maximizes results at minimal cost by making full use of grants, subsidies, and mitigation measures, while reducing the number of times the patent needs to be handled in foreign countries.

Because many of the developments that PRODRONE is commissioned to develop for its clients are of a high level of technical difficulty, in principle, PRODRONE is entrusted with the development of an invention that was created during the development process by the Company as an independent applicant. By securing the rights as a single applicant, PRODRONE will continue to be entrusted with subsequent improvements.

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Mr. Masakazu Kono, CEO of PRODRONE

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