PRODRONE demonstrate influential leadership for industorial drone market with new CEO Shunsuke Toya.

April 22, 2021

PRODRONE demonstrate influential leadership for industorial drone market with new CEO Shunsuke Toya.
At the board of directors on March 31st, Shunsuke Toya went on to become new CEO for PRODRONE.
Shunsuke Toya had engaged in Motorsports-related business for 30 years at DMC (Dentsu Meitetsu Communications) and joined the Meitetsu Drone Business Development Group when he was the manager of the Tokyo Branch Office in 2017. In the Group, based on his expertise he pursues the possibilities of drones, and produced Japan’s first FAI Drone World Cup and a symposium for the Air Mobility Revolution at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2019. After he engaged in DMC as Executive Producer in 2021, Mr. Toya succeeded to CEO of PRODRONE.
Founder and the former CEO Masakazu Kono became a Chairman. During his six years tenure as CEO, he has developed market for drone and drone system. He will continue to give advice to PRODRONE.

CEO Toya said,

”Former CEO Kono has been exploring and refining PRODRONE’s technology in various PoCs, or social experimental tests phase. I believe that my responsibility is to increase the social acceptance of drones in the phase of penetration, and to shift our drones to mass production, and to make out business grow. It is a great honor to be CEO and I am excited for this opportunity.

PRODRONE is now actively involved in the SDGs. We will strengthen our relationship not only with our products, but also with our internal environment and local communities, and we will uphold ESG management. The core value of PRODRONE is its development system that produces high quality and reliable aircraft with a spirit of enterprise.
PRODRONE’s UAVs and systems aim for the standard in the sky, and they will protect countries and people’s lives, support logistics, and create a future filled with drones”

Society with drone is moving towards an era of reform. PRODRONE demonstrate influential leadership for industrial drone market and achieve sustainable growth under the new organization.

PRODRONE, a B2B company publish the words “change the world by becoming the world’s number one industrial drone system provider” as our aim. For various stakeholder, we provide a one-stop service that includes research consulting, aircraft development, control software development, service application development, and mass production.

■Company PROFILE
・CEO:Shunsuke Toya
・Address:1-115 Nakahira, Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 468-0014 JAPAN

PIC:Kawakami TEL:052-890-8803

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