Utilize drone at the disaster site – PRODRONE and Toyota City signed a MOU on the donation of the drone

September 11, 2018

PRODRONE Co., Ltd. (Headquaters: Nagoya Japan, President/CEO: Masakazu Kono) and Toyota City (Mayor Ohta Toshihiko) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the donation of the drone in the process of developing fire-fighting drone. It is a first nationwide initiative that a local government borrows a drone from a private company to use it for fire-fighting while making progress on the aircraft improvement.

One of the main functions of this drone is to grasp the whole picture of the damage caused and to collect the information of the damage level. In the future, PRODRONE will cooperate with Toyota City fire department headquarters to step forward from information gathering to the development of the aircraft which will be capable of performing firefighting and rescue activities including transportation of the equipment.

■PRODRONE fire-fighting drone features
-Good portability with retractable arms
-Water resistant aircraft and camera
-Transportation and drop-off of equipment at search and rescue
-Autonomous flight with GPS

■Toyota-City’s role and responsibility
-Use the donated drone for fire-fighting
-Provide feedback information to PRODRONE for further improvement of aircraft

From the left, Toyota City Mayor Minoru Ota, and PRODRONE CEO, Masakazu Kono (picture by yahagishinpo)
Demo flight in the rainy weather to show the transportation (picture by yahagishinpo)
Demo flight in the rainy weather to show the image transmission from the camera (picture by yahagishinpo)

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