Prodrone and KDDI Achieves Japan’s First Real Time 4K Video Transmission using 5G Drone

June 14, 2018
Press Release

―Agriculture monitoring and disaster response will be taken to another level with 5G drones―

TOKYO-Japan, June 8 – Prodrone Co., Ltd is delighted to announce that it has successfully completed a live 4K video transmission test using a drone that leverages KDD’s 5G technology. The trial, the first of its kind to have taken place in Japan, conducted in cooperation with KDDI, Nakao Research Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, and TripodWorks. This technology could provide such as public safety and surveillance, agriculture monitoring and disaster response solution service in the future.

Overview of the System

The test area was set up in the university’s Kashiwa campus using Samsung Electronics’ 5G equipment. Using a 5G supporting device, the video shot in the air using the 4K camera mounted on the drone was uploaded in real time.

Equipment used in the trail

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