PRODRONE Develops the Auto-Pilot High-Speed Flight Helicopter

July 25, 2017
Press Release

Nagoya-JAPAN, July 25, 2017- PRODRONE is pleased to announce it has developed the PDH-02C, the Auto-Pilot High-Speed Flight Helicopter which is a F3C model helicopter. It was used at the 2017 FAI F3 World Championships held in Warsaw, Poland from 22 to 29 July 2017.

The PDH-02C reduces the bolt as much as possible due to the easy-to-loosen frame by vibrating, and by using a powerful adhesive, we realized a substantial reduction in size and weight of the frame. Also we increased the stability and mobility of the flight by shortening the nose of the aircraft.

■Specifications (Provisional)

: 1360mm
: 170mm
Overall Height
: 380mm
: 5800g
Main rotor Diameter
: 1690mm
Gear Engine
: 11.7:1

*Model Number and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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