Participated in Aichi Robot Industrial Promotion’s “Use of Unmanned Aircraft and Robots Working Group” demonstration and lecture

August 8, 2015
Event Report

On August 3, 2015, the explanatory event on testing airfields for drones by Unmanned Aerial Robot working group of the Aichi Robot Industrial Promotion Council was conducted.

This testing airfield, at Nagoya Port, District 5 and at the vicinity of Yahagi River Water Purification Center, is offered to the members of the council to “develop higher quality unmanned drones and promote the industry”, with the generous cooperation from the property owners.

We, PRODRONE, participated this event, and conducted a test flight as a member of the council.

The main feature of the testing field at Nagoya Port District 5 is the size. The 2500m^2 area is paved well, and is suitable for testing autonomous flights.
Because it is surrounded by sea, the wind is strong, on the day it was 3-4m/s. Despite the strong wind, our experimental hexarotor PD6 Beta was not affected and maintained stabilized flight.

This airframe is equipped with a RONIN-M gimbal from DJI, so you can see how little the onboard footage of the test flight is affected by the wind.

The other location at the Yahagi River Water Purification Center is also characterized by strong winds. However the wind does not have sudden change of direction, unlike that of mountain. So for PRODRONE airframes, this location is ideal as a wind resistance testing location. Also there are water surfaces within the facility, making it useful to conduct tests of amphibious drones, and other environmental testing.

▲Footage of the flight from our PD6 Beta experimental airframe.

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