We will participate in International Drone Expo 2016 from April 20th until 22nd. We would like to see you there!

April 20, 2016
Event Participation


Prodrone Co., Ltd. (hereby PRODONE, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, President Masakazu Kono) will participate in the 2nd. Annual International Drone Expo at the Makuhari Messe from the 20th to the 22nd.

In recent years, the drone of the market has continued to expand. They have been put to action in a variety of fields, including pesticide spraying, aerial photography and broadcast video shooting applications, measurement and monitoring of the nuclear power plant accidents and natural disasters, search and rescue operations, academic research, goods and parcel transportation applications, surveying and inspection for construction and civil engineering projects. This trend is expected to increase in the future.

Within this market environment PRODRONE made news by successfully demonstrating the delivery of school library materials in conjunction with Semboku City in Akita Prefecture. Last year the drone market also met with the attention as DJI JAPAN finalized a comprehensive business agreement with the PRODRONE.

For this year’s International drone Exhibition, at our booth (No.7D-301), we will hold a technical exhibition unveiling our latest cutting edge commercial drones and peripherals from our partnering companies.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Products to be on display at the 2nd Annual International Drone Expo

Recently announced was our new platform, summed up by the phrase, “all-weather.” There are three types to choose from large-sized, medium-sized and small-sized depending on the application. Based on this basic platform, we will provide customization and software for the aircraft to meet the demands of the industrial drone operators.

Apart from the new basic platform, we will showcase a number of products for this 2nd International Drone Exhibition at our booth. Other new products such as the PD8-D DELIX large-sized drone for delivery-use, the PD4-CI automated surface inspection drone, the PD4-MINI GPS-equipped 190g micro-drone, and the recommended PSU (Prodrone Safety Unit) safety apparatus for all commercial drones. We urge everyone to come see for themselves.


The PSU (Prodrone Safety Unit) [Currently under development]
is an advanced safety system necessary for commercial use drones. The system will force the parachute to deploy should the drone enter the preset, automatic landing area in case of emergencies. Flight recorders can also be installed. The PSU system can also be used as a simple ADS-B system, a low cost counterpart to the Japanese version UTM. PSU is being developed as an integrated safety feature by Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks. (patent pending)


PD8-D DELIX (large-sized delivery-use drone) [concept model]
Delivery-use specific, large-sized drone. Can handle a maximum payload of 30kg. This model employs a duct construction that allows the drone to be folded and stacked for storage. Equipped with the PSU (Prodrone Safety Unit). Also comes equipped with two large-sized parachutes. A self-diagnosis activates before the flight. (patent and design registration pending)


PD6B-DC (drone capture UAV) [in development]
a large-sized drone specifically designed for drone capture. This UAV recognizes specified drones and tracks them automatically, capturing them with net launcher fired by the AI. It is equipped with four of net launchers with a maximum range 10m. After the drone is captured, the PD6B-DC will automatically fly to the pre-designated safety zone, and release the captured drone while still in flight. This model is based on the all-weather PD6B-AW.


PD6-AW DELIX Variant (with the Semboku City advanced encryption module)
This DELIX variant designed for the library delivery demonstration experiment conducted on April 11th in Semboku City in Akita Prefecture, was a joint experimental UAV with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). Equipped with an advanced encryption device. An all-carbon frame drastically reduces the weight, is equipped with a high-output motor, and an autopilot navigation system. Utilized a ground fixed monitoring system for self-lift-offs and operations recognition. It is based on the all-weather PD6-AW.


PD4-MINI [in development]
Because this ultra-small commercial drone weighs only 190g, it is exempt from Japanese aviation law. The onboard GPS provides very stable flight. This UAV specializes in individualized field recording applications. Control is done through your smartphone. Images collected in-flight are received and recorded on your mobile device. Has a flight time of 5 minutes.


High-altitude specialty surveying instrument (Used on the Nepal Emergency Survey Team)
This specialized UAV was made for Nepal Emergency Survey Team joined by Nagoya University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. It was the world’s first multi-copter to go beyond 5,500m, taking 7,000 photographs. Designed for high altitude use. Ultra-lightweight, high-strength, and foldable. At an altitude beyond 5500m the drone can stay airborne for over 15 minutes.

PD6B-AW (aerial drone for broadcasting)
Equipped with the large VARICAM camera for broadcasting, this model can film at the highest levels of image quality while in flight. This drone boasts outstanding stability to meet the high standards professionals need for movie and TV production. Because it is all-weather, if the camera and gimbal are fitted with a rain cover, shooting in rainy weather is also possible. Cooperation: Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks, Canon Marketing Japan


PD4-AW (underwater photography drone and wired powered supply drone)
Utilizing PRODRONE’s original, completely waterproof motor, it can make amphibious landings on, and move about water surfaces, and take underwater photography. This drone uses the all-weather, small-sized PD4-AW model platform. The wired power supply connection connects to an above ground power source. The cable not only supplies power, but is able to send a clear, delay free video though its fiber optics. Comes equipped with PRODRONE’s completely waterproof motor. The wired power connection allows for long-term, stable flight and adds an extra level of safety.


PD6-AW + PSU (general-purpose, medium-sized drone with PSU safety system)
Equipped with the PSU (Prodrone Safety Unit). An automatic landing and parachute deployment will ensure the highest level of safety in emergency landing situations. The unit uses the all-weather, medium-sized platform of the PD6-AW. The PSU is being developed as an integrated safety feature with Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks. (patent pending)


PD6-AW (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ Tokai University underwater search unit)
A multirotor system with mounted hyperspectral imaging sensor. This model was developed for the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)’s Strategic Basic Research Programs’ “Pacific Marine Diversity” CREST region challenge to create a hyper/multispectral air and sea remote sensing system for 3D mapping of seagrass beds. (Developed by Teruhisa Komatsu, University of Tokyo) Equipped with a fully waterproof motor, it can make amphibious landing. This drone uses the all-weather, medium-sized platform.


This unit can be used to spray a variety of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. It can automatically adjust the application rate depending on the flight speed. DJI and PRODRONE developed this drone together after their partnership to collaborate on commercial drones in July of 2015.


Winser (Aisan Technology, Velodyne LIDAR equipped)
This UAV specializes in aerial photogrammetry and laser surveying. Long distance, high-density laser scanners enable its 3D laser surveying system, and a photogrammetry system utilizes the onboard high resolution camera. Autonomous controls enable autopilot and “auto-return” commands. Cooperation: Aisan Technology Co., Ltd.


Large Model Gas RC Heli
This gasoline powered model allows for longer flight times of around 2 hours for pesticide spraying. Its maximum payload is 20kg.


Sensor equipped brushless motor with ESC [under development]
Commercial drone motor with dedicated sensor. High-resolution ESC (electronic speed control). (patent pending)


Velodyne LIDAR + IMU This IMU (inertial measurement unit)
has been developed specifically for the Velodyne LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) devices. By combining the IMU to the LIDAR, It can achieve precise, disturbance-free readings.


PD-FC1 Flight Controller [in development] 100% Made in Japan flight control system. Programmable, autonomous control for your drone. Also equipped with collision avoidance systems. Ultra-compact design makes it the lightest for its class in Japan.







The 2nd Annual International Drone Exhibition

・Place: Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba)
・Booth: No. 7D-301
・Event Period: April 20th to the 22nd, 2016
・Entrance Fee: ¥3,000 (Free admission with prior sign-up through the website below.)
・Official Site: http://www.jma.or.jp/tf/drone/

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