Participated in the inaugural “Use of Unmanned Aircraft and Robots Working Group”

May 1, 2015
Event Report

PRODRONE gives drone demonstration flight as part of Aichi Robot Industrial Promotion’s Inaugural “Use of Unmanned Aircraft and Robots Working Group” held at the Aichi Commemorative Park April 24, 2015.

It was beautiful flying weather, and we were happy to see so many media outlets respond to the news release and come out to cover the event.

The drone we used in the demonstration was our “Wired Power Supply” quad-propeller drone model which has been the focus of industry attention.

Many drones have a battery which only allows for 10 to 30 minutes of flight time, but our “Wired Power Supply System” has a detachable cable which is constantly supplying power to the drone from a ground power source.

Wired Power Supply System Features:
・Long flight time possible
・Reduces the airframe size
・Safe operation can be maintained in the event of a radio signal disturbance
・Can switch from wired to battery power supply with a single touch
・The fiber optic cable can transmit high-resolution video in real time from the onboard camera

The demonstration received high marks from all the participants for the drone’s high-powered, extremely stable performance even with the cable attached.

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