Participated in Information and Communications Frontier Seminar conducted by Tokai Bureau of Telecommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

June 15, 2016

On June 15th at the Aichi Prefecture Industrial Labor Center (Wink Aichi), a seminar was held for the Tokai Bureau of Telecommunications and Tokai Joho Tushin Kondankai sponsored “ Information and Communications Frontier Seminar.”

The theme for this seminar was “The Case Example and Recent Situation of Remote-controlled Robots such as Drones”. A bunch of people participated in this event.

President Masakazu Kono gave a keynote talk titled “The Present and Future of Industrial Drones”. After his lecture, there were lectures about “Sophistication of Radio Utilization in the Robot Industry” by Hidetomo Ito, Assistant Director of Land Mobile Communications Division, Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and also about “The Development of a Map for Automatic Cars” by Katsuya Kaneko, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Human and Environment Studies, Kyoto University.

Keynote lecture given by Prodrone Co., Ltd. President Masakazu Kono

Many people participated in this event

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