“Future Challenge Partnership Agreement” with Toyota City signed

December 15, 2015
Press Release

From the left, President of Fukaden Co., Ltd., Kato Mitsukazu, Mayor Oota Toshihiko of Toyota City and President of Prodrone Co., Ltd. Masakazu Kono

Prodrone Co., Ltd. (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Masakazu Kono, President) and Toyota City (Mayor Oota Toshihiko) have signed the “Future Challenge Partnership Agreement” with Toyota City, which deals with the production and use of industrial drones. Through this partnership Prodrone Co., Ltd. was able to gain access to Fujioka Helipad (Fukami-cho, Toyota city) as a place to test developing industrial drones.

After the amendment of the Aviation Law on December 10th, regulations surrounding industrial drones have become clearer. We expect the industrial drone market would rapidly expand in response to this, but at the same time, through this amendment regulations about locations where drones can be flown have become much stricter. Due to these strict regulations, the access we have gained through the “Future Challenge Partnership Agreement” with Toyota City is significant. We believe that this access and the subsequent results will have a large influence on the industrial drone market. Below are the types of tests Prodrone Co., Ltd. plans to conduct at the Fujioka Heliport.

The experiments and research Prodrone Co., Ltd. will conduct at Fujioka Helipad

  1. Research related to the development of safer industrial drones
  2. Research, development and experimentation for the applications of industrial drones during earthquake and disasters (search and rescue, delivery of emergency supplies, communication)
  3. Research, development, experimentation of high precision inspections with industrial drones on buildings, bridges, transmission towers, and other types of infrastructure
  4. Research, development and experimentation of industrial drones dedicated for the transportation of goods
  5. Research and development of drones for agricultural and forestry purposes
  6. Training of industrial drone operators (Safety and flight training)

Prodrone Co., Ltd. President Masakazu Kono (Center) discussing the PRODRONE large-scale drone PD6-B with Toyota City Mayor Oota Toshihiko (Right)

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