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Drone Surveying and Mapping

Purpose:Surveying and Mapping

Date:January, 2019


With a cooperation of OWADA SOKURYO SEKKEI, K.K., PD6B-TypeⅡ is equipped with a laser scanner called VUX-1UAV SYS(APX20) manufactured by RIEGL and carried out a verification of precision.

■Experiment Details

– Venue: Futatsunuma Part in Fukushima Prefecture
– Date: January 28th, 2019
– Flight Altitude: 150m, 100m and 50m
– Flight Speed: 4m/sec
– Laser pulse rate: 550KHz

A survey operation has been carried out for an extensive land of 70,000㎡ with OWADA SOKURYO SEKKEI, K.K. aircraft. The drone was proven to fly in a stable manner even under windy conditions.

The survey was completed after three flights and the result of the accuracy verification showed that the standard deviation is within 30mm and the capability is more than 1/250 map. It was demonstrated that the drone could provide great efficiency in cost and time for survey operation.

Survey Operation by OWADA SOKURYO SEKKEI, K.K.
3D point cloud data by Laser Scanner
Survey spots
Deviation between survey verification spots and lase scanner points

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