The new all-weatherproof UAV PD4-AW, PD6-AW for industrial drone operators announced

March 17, 2016
Press Release

Prodrone Co., Ltd. (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Masakazu Kono, President) has announced a new basic platform model for industrial drones.

These new industrial drones are all-weatherproof and size can be adjusted according to the desired purpose. The sizes that will be offered are small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale.

Included in the line-up will be these four models. These models will be the base of all industrial drones, but in accordance with the needs of the operators, it is possible to customize and add various features and necessary software. For more information on the drones, please click the specific links for each model.

Large-Scale Model PD6B-AW

Medium-Scale Model PD6-AW
Medium-Scale Model PD6E2000-AW (High Output)

Small-Scale Model PD4-AW

These new industrial drone models will be displayed at the Prodrone Co., Ltd. booth on April 20th, 2016 at the International Drone Expo 2016 held at Makuhari Messe.

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